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Show me your horse and I will tell you who you are."

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I started riding horse when I was about 8 but my love for them started I believe since I was born. There is something about these creatures that hits me so deep, they created such a impact in my life. Horses will forever play a important roll in my life as I will in theirs.

When I started riding I was taking western lessons at a local barn in Saratoga California called
Garrod Farms. In the summer I would join their camp and do all kinds of western riding from gaming to vaulting.

When I was 13 my lovely parents bought me my first horse. She was a beautiful Crabbit Arabian name Fascination. With her, I joined up with a Hunter Jumper barn and started riding under the guidance of trainer, Michelle Creech at
Calero Ranch Stables. Over the next few years my riding experience expanded and I learned the in's and out's of the Hunter world. By the end, I was competing in 'B' level shows around Northern California. In 1994 I graduated high school and had to make the devastating decision to sell Fascination.

In 2001 I made the decision to get back into riding. I couldn't find a riding age horse that really wanted so I opted to purchase a baby colt, his name was Dakota. I had never raised a horse from that young of age. It was a wonderful experience. Though I did realize how I really needed to learn so much more. All my life with horses I was so wrapped up in the competition that I really forgot to pay attention to the horse itself. I raised this little colt, broke him and eventually showed him. He was a great little horse but unfortunately, not the Hunter that I knew I wanted.

In 2004 I sold Dakota to a wonderful loving family that wanted an all around good horse. They were both a perfect fit. Now I was off to find the Hunter/Jumper I was yearning to have and I found Luna.

Luna is a off the track thoroughbred mare. Her registered name is Queen of De Nile out of the famous racehorses Nijinsky and Northern Dancer. Luna is a beautiful 15.3 Bay Mare with a refined feminine face to die over. When I got her she had no training at all besides track training, and that doesn't account too much. I have put a lot of work in to Luna and I believe she is going to eventually turn into a wonderful hunter/jumper.

Well one horse should be enough but no not for me. I was browsing around on the internet and came across the sweetest little filly. What really drew me to her were her four white socks. You see I am a sucker for chestnuts with even socks. I called about her and the owners made me a deal that I couldn't refuse. Her name is Chloe and she is a Breeding Stock Paint filly with wonderful QH and Paint bloodlines. In the future I would really like to learn Reining and hopefully Chloe will too. She is only 8 months old now (born in April of '04) so I don't really know what my plans will be for her, only time will tell.

Well that is the story as of now...