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16.2 HH TB Mare
Registered Name ~ Raizel
Show Name - Razzle and Dazzle Me
Feb 20, 1994
Jockey Club Registered
Breeders Cup Nominated
Asking $4,000 FIRM, price will increase with training
**Now offering for lease**

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Tonka, Summer 2004

This is a very special mare who is looking for a very special home. Tonka was bread and born here in Washington State. She had a successful race career here in the US from her 3-4 y/o year. After retiring from the race track Tonka, then known as Raizel, was sent out to be a brood mare. She has had 2 chestnut fillies, both race money earners. Tonka is very much a mother, she loves to love. Her sensitivity really showed when she was the designated schooling horse at my barn. Tonka was wonderful with all the children; I could trust her in almost any situation.


When Tonka was off from giving lessons she was getting lessons of her own. Tonka was being schooled on a weekly basis with hunter/Jumper style principals. She learned her basics of collection, leg queues and lead changes. She was taken on a numerous trail rides and had some western pleasure training started. Due to some unfortunate circumstances with her previous owner Tonka was sent off to pasture at the peak of her training. Tonka was in pasture for about 9 months, hopefully contemplating all the training she had received. Tonka was not sent to pasture due to lameness or any other medical/mental issue. Purely a unfortunate situation with her past owners


In April of this year I purchased Tonka back, I new she deserved a better life then sitting in pasture. I have put Tonka back in training and she is doing great. Her progress is coming along faster then expected. Tonka has three beautiful gates, oh and her trot is to die for! In my opinion Tonka would make an excellent Hunter Under Saddle or English Equitation horse. Though jumping may be in her future. I had a 2’3” rail up in the arena the other day. I had Tonka running around free in there to let her get in a good roll before dinner. She took off at a canter and went straight for the fence. Up and over she went with no encouragement on my part. WOW…jaw dropped! She looked perfect over that jump. She continued to jump the fence seven more times in a row. “Well I guess we need to start her over fences” I said to my friend in the arena.


After being in pasture for 9 months Tonka has only been under saddle for a short amount of time. She is out of shape, but building it back nicely. I am hesitant to start much over fences work with her until she has the muscle to support it. She is working nicely on trot rails in the arena and even shows enthusiasm over those.

Tonka is good at all the basics; she has no major bad habits. Tonka is not your typical Thoroughbred; sometimes I call her a Quarter Horse in a Thoroughbred suite.


If you are looking for a classy hunter that can take you far in the show ring and love you every day of your life, Tonka is your girl.



Tonka has an extremely calm disposition, especially for a Thoroughbred. I have a lot of people contacting me about her asking if she would make a good children’s mount. I want to state that I strongly believe there is really no such thing as a child safe horse. They are horses, they have independent minds and they weigh over 1000lbs. If you do not allow your child to drive a car then why ride a horse? Last I checked cars don’t have brains. I strongly believe that no child should be riding horses without the direct supervision of a knowledgeable adult.

Ok with that said here is how I answer if Tonka is safe for children….


Yes she is. I would trust Tonka with my own 10 year old child. She is not spooky, has no buck. She thinks about her rider and evaluates her situations. She was used for quite a long time as a lesson horse and always seemed to love the children. In the right situation I believe that Tonka would be a excellent children’s horse. I would love to see her working in a 4-H or Pony Club situation with a experienced young rider and where a trainer is working with her as well.


UPDATED 06/07/2005: Tonka is continuing in her training wonderfully. Her trainer has started her over fences. Oh my… this girl has some real natural jumping ability. She is jumping consistently at 2’3”. She is a easy jumper and extremely willing. I have never seen her refuse! She takes her fences with confidence.

Tonka has put on some weight and her muscle is really becoming defined. I can tell from her workouts that she is really coming into shape.

This coming weekend (06/11) we are taking Tonka to a little English schooling show. This will be her first show since being back out of pasture. I have full assurance that she will be fine, but it will be a good test to see how she is with new situations. Well get ready to see some pictures from the show next week and hopefully a few blue ribbons as well!


Click on picture below to go to Tonka's Photo Gallery


Please feel free to contact me if you or someone
you know is interested.
Ask for Robin
phone: (253) 226-2734

Tonka’s Trainer is also available for questions

Tonka's Race Record

Raizel, 1994 bay mare, by Chisos 84 -- Pachena Bay 84, by Piaster 71


Breeder:  Dean Essex DVM (WA)


(SPR=61; CPI=0.5)


         RACE RECORD North America/USA


         YEAR    AGE   STARTS    1st   2nd    3rd                       USA$


         1997        3           5          1     2     0                          $ 4,795

         1998        4           7          1     1     2                          $ 7,565


         TOTALS               12         2     3     2                         $ 12,360




Tonka's Pedigree
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