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Arabian Mare
16 y/o 15.2 hh
$3500 obo

Calista is a 16 year old bay Arabian mare.  I pulled her out of a field this spring where she had been standing, jobless, for the last few years.  No one at the barn could remember the last time she was ridden--they couldn't even remember her NAME until they dug her papers out! 
I have been getting her back in shape and she has responded nicely.  She has NO VICES--no buck, bite, kick or spook.  She does not pull back against her halter and she walks right into the horse trailer.  She has lost her hay belly and is starting to look really good.  
Calista has a nice Western jog and a flat-kneed English trot.  I am working on finishing her canter right now and training her for the dressage arena.  She leg-yields, sidepasses, and turns on both the forehand and the haunches.  I don't know much about her but if I had to guess I would say she was trained and ridden extensively when she was younger, and she hasn't forgotten any of it!  She has an AMAZING floating trot when I free lunge her, and she also does flying changes at the canter.
She is NOT a typey Arab--she does have very refined ears and legs, but she lacks the dished face and the flat croup that most Arabs have.  She almost looks like a small TB or a Welsh cob.  She doesn't carry her tail like an Arab when she works either.  She is up to date on shots and worming. Great with the ferrier for her trims.  I haven't had to put shoes on her--she has FANTASTIC feet and legs.  She has the cleanest legs i have ever seen--she would be a great halter or showmanship horse.  She has kind eyes and a positive attitude and she enjoys working, both on the ground and under saddle. 
Calista is a great trail horse too.  I took her to 4-h camp and there were blue and brown tarps laying all over the place next to the trail and all she did was put her head down and snort at them.  No spook, just snort.  She has personality and she's a fun little mare.  Takes care of my husband on the trails and on the beach too.  She would make a great 4-h performance horse or dressage horse for a young person or smaller lady.  That's the only reason I'm selling her--I'm 5'7" and I have really loooong legs, and so does my 6'3" husband. 
Partial trade for a bigger horse or a 125 cc dirtbike. 






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